Rockwell Aviation Services, Inc. provides exceptional Repair/Overhaul services to ice protection systems installed on the following aircraft:
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FAA Repair Station ZWXR058J

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2465 Railroad Street, Corona, California 92880, USA
NH24468, NH24468-152, NH24468-154, NH24468-156, NH24468-66, NH24468-70,
NH24468-158, NH24468-52, NH24468-162, NH24468-77, NH24468-68, NB24468-080
Forward Inlet Duct (Lower Duct)
P/N: NH24668-071, NH24668-081-08, NH24668-151, NH24668-155, NH24668-161-01,
NH24668-165-01, NH24668-169-01, NH24668-171-01, NH24668-073-01
Aft Inlet Duct (Upper Duct)
Inlet Protection Duct (IPD)
P/N: NH24668-053-05, NH24668-131-02
Exhaust Nozzle
Center Section
P/N: NF24668-057-08, NF24668-274
P/N: NH24668-138, NB24668-138
P/N: NH24668-055, NH24668-083-04,
Jetstream 31/32
Jetstream 41
Saab 340 A/B
Short Brothers SD-330
Short Brothers SD-360
Nose Cowl (Horse Collar Intake)
Propeller Spinner - Allison Aeroproducts
A6441FN/606 Spinner
P/N: 906425-201, 906425-403, 1914
P/N: A6441FN/606, 6505883, 72170
Convair 580
BAe HS748
Fokker F-27 / Fairchild FH - 227
Lockheed Electra L-188