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FAA Repair Station ZWXR058J

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Utilizing advanced composite materials and
manufacturing techniques Rockwell Aviation Services,
Inc. can design, test, and manufacture electrically
heated ice protection systems for commercial and
military fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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Electro-Thermal Ice Protection Systems
  • Engine Air Intakes              

  • Leading Edges                  

  • Propeller Spinners             
  • Control Surface    

  • Helicopter Rotor Blades

  • Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers
Metallized Coatings
Composite structures must have some type of metallic
substrate incorporated into their design in order to provide
protection from lightning strikes. Metallizing the composite
structure with  aluminum is one method of such protection.
Other instances where metallized coatings are used in
non-metallic composites include EMI/RFI shielding, or the
sprayed coating itself can serve as an antenna i.e.-ADF
Antenna Panels.
Compression / Transfer Molding
Advanced Composites
NH24468, NH24468-152, NH24468-154, NH24468-156, NH24468-66, NH24468-70,
NH24468-158, NH24468-52, NH24468-162, NH24468-77, NH24468-68, NB24468-080
Rockwell Aviation Services, Inc. manufactures a
large variety of compression/transfer molded
electrical terminals, terminal strips, and stand-offs
for ground and space based applications. We are
an OEM supplier for Boeing, Hughes, Raytheon,
and others. The examples shown below are a small
portion of our manufacturing capabilities. Please
email us if you have a specific request or would like
us to quote custom manufactured molded terminals
or other items.

CAGE CODE: 34727
Feedthru Terminals             Terminal Studs                Terminal Strips
Stand Offs                     Multi Turret Connection        
.                                                   Terminals
Rockwell Aviation Services, Inc. provides complete
in-house composites manufacturing and
repair/overhaul capabilites. Processes including
wet-layup, pre-preg, hot bonding, and RTM are among
our specialties.
  • Panels         
  • Fairings       
  • Ducts

  • Cones